The Hunting Home show is produced by Spice Knob Productions in conjunction with the Owensboro Community College. At this time Hunting Home is a monthly production airing on the Adelphia Cable Network, channel 51 (The OCC Channel). We want to recognize and thank Digistar Productions, a division of OCC, for their Video production work on each Hunting Home episode. They do a great job for us.

Hunting Home is not quite like any other hunting/fishing show you might see on other networks. By design it is intended to inform, teach and entertain while featuring local people enjoying the vast outdoor opportunities and game available right here in the tri- state area. Don't expect us to take a trophy buck or prize gobbler on every show, because it's not going to happen. Every time we set the hook you won't find a "wall hanger" on the end of the line. That's not reality.

What Hunting Home will do is offer you, the viewer, an opportunity to learn something new with every show and, if we do our job right, you might actually enjoy the lesson.

In just our first few shows we discussed topics such as:
• Portable Hunting Blinds, types, uses and costs
• The Kentucky Spring Turkey Youth Hunt
• The origin of pocket knives, their various names and uses
• The difference between a mature gobbler and a Jake
• The three main types of fishing reels and their uses
• The Ky. Department of Fish and Wildlife's lake fish management program
• The Father's Day Fishing Rodeo sponsored by the Daviess County Parks and Recreation and the Ky. Dept of Fish and Wild life.
• Properly sighting your bow. Being prepared.
• Fishing Opportunities of Lake Malone State Park
• Boy Scouting activities and facilities in Western Kentucky.
• And yes, we managed to bag several nice long beards and hooked a mess of large mouth bass along the way.

Hunting Home relies completely on the support of local businesses to underwrite production costs. Since Hunting Home airs on the Owensboro Community College channel true commercial advertising for our sponsors is not an option. However, Hunting Home sponsors do receive recognition at least twice on every show and when possible they are invited to appear as guests on the show. Hunting Home sponsors also receive recognition and a web site link here on the Hunting Home web page. Visitors to the Hunting Home web site can connect directly to any sponsor's web site to learn more about that company and the services they offer.

We truly hope you enjoy Hunting Home. We appreciate your enthusiasm for the outdoors and the life found there. If you have suggestions or ideas on how we can improve our show, we want to hear from you. If you know of community or regional activities involving the outdoor life that we might feature on upcoming shows please give us the details. Hunting Home is your show. Be a part of it.

Take some time to review our web site. Hopefully, you'll find plenty to hold your interest. Feel free to email us with your ideas, suggestions, questions and comments.

We even have a Photo Album page to display viewer trophies. Send us you trophy shots and we'll be happy to post them on this site. Do not send your only copy, as we will not be able to return it. Also be sure to include names, dates, locations and any other pertinent details along with your photo. All photos can be emailed to this site:

Please let us hear from you. This is your show!
• If you watch Hunting Home and have suggestions on how we can improve the show please contact us. We appreciate your input.
• If you have an idea for a new show or feature segment, let us know about it.
• If you and your friends have an exciting hunting or fishing trip coming up remember to take your video camera along, record your adventure and bring us a copy. We might just be able to use it. A star is born.
• Better yet, If you have room in your tree stand for another hunter and cameraman…


Check this out! is your web site. Use it!

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