Effective March 1, 1991, all hunters born on or after January 1, 1975, shall, while hunting, carry a valid hunter education course completion card in addition to the appropriate Kentucky hunting license. A bow hunter not in possession of a firearm may carry a "National Bowhunter Education Program" course completion card in lieu of the hunter education card.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ Hunter Education regulation requires anyone born on or after January 1, 1975 and age 12 or older to have a hunter education course completion card in their possession while hunting. The KDFWR now has a permit that allows someone to hunt without a hunter education card for up to one year. The Hunter Education Exemption Permit can be obtained by anyone and is valid for the twelve months following its purchase. This permit can only be obtained once in a lifetime and requires the permit holder to be accompanied by a properly licensed adult hunter (18 years or older) who meets Kentucky’s hunter education law while hunting. The exemption permit costs $5.00 and requires each applicant to complete the following tutorial. After completing the tutorial, personal information will have to be entered into the system, and payment collected via credit card. Finally, the applicant must print out the exemption permit and sign it. The exemption permit must be carried by the hunter in place of a hunter education card while hunting. Note: Ft Campbell, Blue Grass Army Depot, or any other state will not accept the permit.

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